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Under the Radar - a new dark comedy about the conflicts between gender, tradition and modernity bubbling up to the surface in the contained space of a submarine - made its debut at the Bread & Roses Theatre from 12 to 16 November.


Lee, a quick-witted reporter, sets out to write a career-making article on an eccentric inventor, Captain Martin Christensen, and the maiden voyage of his private submarine.  The two set off and, before long, the contained space of the vessel becomes a darkly comic microcosm for the conflicts between gender, tradition and modernity.  Under the radar, these extremes play out, but only one of the passengers will make it back to shore.


Eleanor Hill, cast as Lee, and Nicholas Anscombe as Martin, spar in this ‘compelling, chaotic and macabre play… skilfully interweaving witty dialogue and black humour with a sophisticated treatment of themes’. Papatango New Writing Prize Reader Feedback

Under the Radar looks to dissect the unconscious bias and misogyny held by many men towards women, especially relevant in the #MeToo era. Through this sharp, witty and macabre narrative lens, it examines whether our cultures and traditions are the foundation of this prejudice, and how they perpetuate this bias in supposedly modern men.

The Bread & Roses Theatre - Nov 2019

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Critics' Praise for Under the Radar 







Under the Radar Wins an Offcomm Commendation Nov 2019 


Standing Ovation Award - (16th November 2019)

For Jonathon Crewe’s macabre and comical exploration of gender creating an innovative and groundbreaking piece of theatre.

London Pub Theatres - Rachel Overd (14th November 2019)

4.5 Stars

‘Crewe’s macabre narrative skilfully interweaves witty dialogue and dark comical moments to address some serious issues...

‘the writer manages to take the audience on a rollercoaster of unexpected twists and turns...a staggering, shocking, exciting and ground-breaking piece of theatre...

‘The use of imagery and metaphors in the text demonstrates just how talented and versatile Crewe is as a writer’

‘This really is a must-see show! It will transcend and transform you, not just to the depths of the sea, but to the depths of the inner beast.’


Broadway World - Jonathan Marshall (14th November 2019)

4 stars

‘It's certainly a timely and relevant work in the wake of the #MeToo campaign, and although unsettling, it's laced with a strong undercurrent of black humour...

‘Crewe's talents as a director and writer really shine, with the actors also firing on all cylinders...

‘This is an intense and disquieting play that cleverly takes us in a series of unexpected directions...

‘Theatre that provokes our thought, prompts debate and starts a conversation, even if it's not a pleasant one, must be seen as a good thing. Crewe will no doubt be on our radar from now on.’


Theatre, Films and Art Reviews - Elaine Chapman (14th November 2019)

4 stars

‘Emotionally fuelled and challenging to watch. Crewe has written a multi-layered and very complex play...

‘There are many uncomfortable scenes throughout the play and prepare to be shifted out of your comfort zone as it does exactly what good theatre should do and makes you question what you have just watched.’


Within Her Words - Ingrid Felix (18th November 2019)

4 stars

‘What is intriguing about Under the Radar is that it is also a mirror image of our society.’


View from the Outside - Stephanie Ressort (14th November 2019)

‘Jonathon Crewe’s has written a pitch black, strange new comedy that definitely sparks conversation...

‘‘Under the Radar’ doesn’t pull any punches, and has a lot to offer those who enjoy their comedy dark and their theatre provocative...

‘I highly recommend ‘Under the Radar’ for lovers of the macabre.’ 

Audience Responses - Opening Night 

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Eleanor Hill is an East 15 graduate and winner of the Mandy Monologue Award 2019. 

Theatre credits include Obsolete Tomfoolery 2018 (Etcetera Theatre), The Bacchae 2018 (Corbett Theatre);


Film credits include With you 2018 (London Film Academy) and The Car 2019 (Short Film by Shirley Marshall).



Dr Jonathon Crewe is a writer and director for film, theatre and radio, whose work predominantly investigates forms of representation and socio-cultural hierarchies.  His PhD examined media and political elite’s marginalisation of the white working-class and his subsequent radio and theatre play, Toy Soldier, looked at class in the military.  His debut feature film, Face2Face, deals with the creation of self-identity through social-media - a Frankenstein for the digital age.  His latest production, Under the Radar, analyses the link between tradition, culture and male privilege, and how they manifest in unconscious bias, misogyny and violence.

Nicholas Anscombe is an actor, physical performer and puppeteer. He trained at Rose Bruford College and recently completed filming and puppeteering on the new Sky series, The Third Day, starring Jude Law.


He played The Baron in 80 Days: A Real World Adventure (Underbelly Festival Southbank 2019). He won Best Supporting Actor for Elevator Blues (Thinc Films) and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor with Memory Man (Encounter Films).


Other credits include: 

The Creature - Requiem (BBC/Netflix – New Pictures), Colonel Von Braun - Revenge of Robert (Amazon Prime - North Bank Entertainment, Sherlock Holmes & The Hound of the Baskervilles (Open Book Theatre), Sleepyhead (Little Angel Theatre).


Puppetry credits include: 

TwirlyWoos (CBeebies), Newzoids (ITV), Sing For Your Life (Winner of Origins & Pick of the Week Awards at The Vaults festival), Boris & Sergey's Vaudevillian Adventure (Flabbergast Theatre).


Wan Yuan Teo is a suit in disguise. She is a career marketeer, currently heading up a few heritage brands in an established FMCG. She has been in the UK for 9 years, since her MBA at LBS. 


Wan has always been fascinated by the creative, whether working on commercial ads or helping to found the radio station at her university. While her first theatre role was as a sheep in a remake of Ulysses in her youth, she has recently reignited her passion for the arts. 


Wan combined her business acumen with her interest in the arts by producing her first theatre production, Under the Radar; followed by an acting and producing role in the soon-to-be released 'Last Night Locked In..

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