‘You spend the night trying to forget and the whole next day desperate to remember’

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Wan Yuan Teo    ~    Jonathon Crewe


Jonathon Crewe


Wan Yuan Teo    ~    Jonathon Crewe


Wan Yuan Teo    ~    Jonathon Crewe

Assistant Camera and Lighting

Costume and Make Up

Script Editor

Director of Photography

Colour Grading and VFX

Sound Supervisor

Offline Editor

Written and produced entirely during the 2020-21 Covid-19 lockdowns using only equipment, props, costumes and actors found on location 

Waking up locked in, a man searches his memories for clues to the mystery unravelling around him

’Last night, locked in... explores the shifting perceptions of time that developed as a reaction to the 2020-21 lockdowns - the slow distortion between memory and reality.