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Writer and Director Under the Radar Theatre Production at Bread and Roses Theatre, London - 12-16th November 2019

Lee, a quick-witted reporter, sets out to write a career-making article on an eccentric inventor, Captain Martin Christensen, and the maiden voyage of his private submarine.  The two set off and, before long, the contained space of the vessel becomes a darkly comic microcosm for the conflicts between gender, tradition and modernity.  Under the radar, these extremes play out, but only one of passengers will make it back to shore.

Winner of Offcomm Commendation (Nov 2019) 

Standing Ovation Award - (16th November 2019) For Jonathon Crewe’s macabre and comical exploration of gender creating an innovative and groundbreaking piece of theatre.


London Pub Theatres - Rachel Overd (14th November 2019)

4.5 Stars

‘Crewe’s macabre narrative skilfully interweaves witty dialogue and dark comical moments to address some serious issues...

‘the writer manages to take the audience on a rollercoaster of unexpected twists and turns...a staggering, shocking, exciting and ground-breaking piece of theatre...

‘The use of imagery and metaphors in the text demonstrates just how talented and versatile Crewe is as a writer’

‘This really is a must-see show! It will transcend and transform you, not just to the depths of the sea, but to the depths of the inner beast.’

Broadway World - Jonathan Marshall (14th November 2019)


4 stars


‘It's certainly a timely and relevant work in the wake of the #MeToo campaign, and although unsettling, it's laced with a strong undercurrent of black humour...


‘Crewe's talents as a director and writer really shine, with the actors also firing on all cylinders...


‘This is an intense and disquieting play that cleverly takes us in a series of unexpected directions...


‘Theatre that provokes our thought, prompts debate and starts a conversation, even if it's not a pleasant one, must be seen as a good thing. Crewe will no doubt be on our radar from now on.’


Theatre, Films and Art Reviews - Elaine Chapman (14th November 2019)

4 stars


‘Emotionally fuelled and challenging to watch. Crewe has written a multi-layered and very complex play...


‘There are many uncomfortable scenes throughout the play and prepare to be shifted out of your comfort zone as it does exactly what good theatre should do and makes you question what you have just watched.’

Within Her Words - Ingrid Felix (18th November 2019)


4 stars


‘What is intriguing about Under the Radar is that it is also a mirror image of our society.’


View from the Outside - Stephanie Ressort (14th November 2019)


‘Jonathon Crewe’s has written a pitch black, strange new comedy that definitely sparks conversation...


‘‘Under the Radar’ doesn’t pull any punches, and has a lot to offer those who enjoy their comedy dark and their theatre provocative...


‘I highly recommend ‘Under the Radar’ for lovers of the macabre.’ 

Writer and Director Toy Soldier Theatre Production. Produced by Louisa Smith of Who Said? Theatre. Performed at the Brockley Jack Theatre from 27th Sep 2016 - 8th Oct 2016.

"A moral maze; absorbing, stimulating and topical!" - Reviewsgate

"Presents a politically controversial issue in a thought-provoking way. With intense performances from all the cast, this production leaves a lasting impression." - A Younger Theatre

"A fast paced, interesting and enjoyable play which addresses an important issue!" - LondonTheatre1

"It's good to see bold positions being take in fringe theatre!" - Broadway World