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Writer, Director and Producer Entangled Feature Radio Play. Broadcast November 2016 on Resonance FM


Writer, Director and Producer Toy Soldier Feature Radio Play. Broadcast July 2014 on Resonance FM


Writer and Producer Tangier Feature Radio Play. Dir: Hugh Allison, HuRica Productions. Broadcast March 2013, Resonance FM and Poplar Radio.


Entangled followed by interview with Professor Jim Al-Khalili - listen here

An ex-quantum physicist is struggling to continue his existence in society. The strains of his monotonous job and his crumbling relationship with his wife drive him back towards his secret past. With the help of the mysterious Professor, he is able to reconstruct the machine that once before led to his downfall.

Toy Soldier followed by a panel discussion - listen here

In the fallout from the Iraq war, Private Linda Britten is on trial in a British courtroom accused of war crimes; the torture and murder of an Iraqi civilian in her custody at the Basra detention centre. Using recordings taken during the detainee's interrogations, the opposing lawyers build their cases around her. We learn about her childhood, her reason for joining the army and how a love affair ultimately drove her to the very edges of her duty. But in a case where the system is on trial as much as the accused, will justice prevail or will the outcome become as obscured as the reasons for the war in the first place.

The play was sparked off by the excellent 'Tactical Questioning' verbatim play at the Tricycle Theatre, London and the Alex Gibney documentary ‘Taxi to the Dark Side’. It is based on research around the Baha Mousa inquiry and the life of Lynndie England, the American Soldier who appeared in the shocking photos from Abu Ghraib.

The play was followed by a panel discussion chaired by Robert Jago (Head of School of Law, University of Surrey), Clare Collier (Senior Lawyer at The Equalities and Human Rights Commission), Kevin Laue (Senior Legal Advisor at REDRESS) and Robin Horsfall (ex-SAS Paratrooper)

Tangier - listen here

Tangier in the last few years of World War II is a hotbed of outlaws, spies, treachery and secrets. Heinrich, a German dentist masquerading as a Jewish refugee, flees the Nazis and sets up his new life and business in Tangier’'s New Ghetto, quickly falling in love with the daughter of his Italian Landlord. Everything is turned upside down with the arrival of a deserter from the German Army, who brings with him dark secrets from the past. Driven by fear, lust, greed and regret, Heinrich is blackmailed into joining an illegal art dealing ring and is soon embroiled in the Tangier underground. When the illegal merchandise changes from paintings to people, it leads him on a downward spiral to the truth of his past and the final redemption that he seeks.