Jonathon Crewe

Award-Winning Writer and Director for Film, Theatre and Radio

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Under The Radar

Written and Directed by

Jonathon Crewe

Under the Radar - a new dark comedy about the conflicts between gender, tradition and modernity bubbling up to the surface in the contained space of a submarine - setting sail at the Old Red Lion Theatre, Angel 15th Mar - 2nd April 2022

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'Last night, locked in...

written and directed


Jonathon Crewe

Waking up locked in, a man searches his memories for clues to the mystery unravelling around him.

’Last night, locked in... explores the shifting perceptions of time that developed as a reaction to the 2020-21 lockdowns - the slow distortion between memory and reality.

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A feature film written, directed and produced by 

Jonathon Crewe

A disgruntled outsider turns to faking social media posts to gain popularity with unexpected and chilling consequences. 

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Under the Radar          Offcomm Commendation (Short Run)
                                      Standing Ovation Nomination

'Last night, locked in... Best Supporting Actor, World Film Carnival, Singapore
                                      Honorable Mention, L.A. Neo Noir Festival, USA

face2face                     Best Feature Director, Alternative Film Festival, Toronto                                           Best First Time Director - World Distribution Award, USA