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Dr Jonathon Crewe is a writer and director for film, theatre and radio, whose work investigates forms of representation and socio-cultural hierarchies. 


His outputs include the radio and theatre production Toy Soldier.  His debut award winning* feature film, face2face (*Best Director at World Distribution Awards, USA and Alternative Film Festival, Canada). His latest award -winning film 'Last night, locked in... was screened at L.A. Neo-Noir Film Festival.


His most recent award-nominated theatre production of Under the Radar was a critical and commercial success.

Wan Yuan Teo is a suit in disguise. She is a career marketeer, currently launching new brands in an established FMCG. She has been in the UK for 12 years, since her MBA at LBS. 


Wan is fascinated by the creative, whether working on commercial ads or helping to found the radio station at her university.  She is passionate about foregrounding under-represented groups in the arts, especially those from an Asian background. 


Wan combined her business acumen with her creative passion by producing the theatre production, Under the Radar; followed by an award-winning* acting and producing role in  'Last Night Locked In...  (*Best Supporting Actor - World Film Carnival, Singapore)



Under the Radar - Theatre production and post-show panels 

Lee, a quick-witted reporter, sets out to write a career-making article on an eccentric inventor, Captain Martin Christensen, and the maiden voyage of his private submarine.  The two set off and, before long, the confined space of the vessel becomes a darkly comic microcosm for the conflicts between gender, tradition and modernity.  Under the radar these extremes play out, but only one of the passengers will make it back to shore.


Under the Radar looks to dissect unconscious bias and misogyny, especially relevant in the #MeToo era. Through a sharp, witty and macabre narrative lens, it examines our cultures and traditions and asks how connected they are to the foundations of prejudice.

Awards, Nominations and Reviews

Standing Ovation Award - Nomination 'for Jonathon Crewe’s macabre and comical exploration of gender creating an innovative and groundbreaking piece of theatre'

London Pub Theatres - 

‘Crewe’s macabre narrative skilfully interweaves witty dialogue and dark comical moments to address some serious issues.’

‘a staggering, shocking, exciting and ground-breaking piece of theatre.’


‘tight talented production - unlike any other...This really is a must-see show! It will transcend and transform you'

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Broadway World - 

‘It's certainly a timely and relevant work in the wake of the #MeToo campaign, and although unsettling, it's laced with a strong undercurrent of black humour.’


‘This is an intense and disquieting play that cleverly takes us in a series of unexpected directions.’

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Theatre Film and Arts Reviews - 

Emotionally fuelled and challenging to watch...a multi-layered and very complex play.’

‘it does exactly what good theatre should do and makes you question what you have just watched.’

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Stagedoor - 

'A claustrophobic, thought-provoking, humorous and harrowing two-hander that doesn’t pull its punches when tackling gender equality and privilege.'

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 London Theatre 1 

'a fascinating piece about humans and how they react...a definite sign of first-rate writing'.


'The production is first-rate with well-written characters. At the end, you will question what you have seen, and how your own unconscious prejudices affect how it made you feel'.

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Educational Testimonials

Dr Paul Vlitos, Reader in Creative Writing, Subject Leader: English Literature, Film, Creative Writing, University of Surrey

It was a hugely successful event – the play itself was stimulating, entertaining and thought-provoking, in terms of the clever production decisions made, the strikingness of the writing and the issues raised, prompting a great deal of lively discussion both after the performance and in subsequent seminars. In module feedback Creative Writing students in particular mentioned the benefits (and the inspiring effect) of seeing a new play on a contemporary topic performed in this kind of setting, with the performance giving them a sense not only of how much can be achieved dramatically under such circumstances but a sense of how they too as writers, directors or performers might be able to stage their future work.


In short, it was an evening which was not only enjoyable for all but of real benefit to the students – and event of the kind which students who attended have repeatedly requested more of.

Dr Marcus Nicholls, Course Leader: Media and Communication at University of West London


I took my third year Media and Film students to see Under the Radar before organising a Q&A/seminar with the writer/director and lead actor as part of a module on theories of identity and difference. The students were extremely enthusiastic when discussing the play and we had a really productive two-hour discussion of the themes of gender, power, violence, privilege and related ideas. While I had planned a structured session, in fact the students brought so many of their own talking points and discussions from the viewing that I rarely had to intervene. Debates were lively and critically-engaged, and I received very positive feedback from the students who were especially pleased to be able to pose questions directly to the creators. I would highly recommend Under the Radar and the director & actor seminar to any courses/module with discussions of the writing or creative development process, or courses rooted in debates around gender, power, consent, violence, etc.


Production Clips

Audience Response

Panels and Survey Results

Weekly interactive post-show panels included participants from academia, policymakers, the third and cultural sectors.

Gender, Power, Consent and Violence. Panellists: Professor Helen Hester (author of Xenofeminism); Jess Leigh (campaigner at Our Streets Now); Dr Marcus Nicholls (Senior Lecturer in media).


Media Ethics: Reporting on Violence. Panellists: Nina de Ayala Parker (writer, campaigner, politician); Dr Sumaya Al Nahed (Senior Lecturer in journalism); Professor Garin Dowd (Professor of film, literature and media)


Creative Writing, Narrative and Violence. Panellists: Dr Sarah Grochala (playwright); Dr Jonathon Crewe (writer and director) ; Professor Jeremy Strong (Professor of literature and film)

Impact Evaluation Surveys were conducted after each panel. Selected analysis of the collated respondents results below:

  • 95% agreed the panels were relevant to the play with 71% agreeing they felt part of the discussion and 95% saying they were likely to talk about the event in future.

  • 93% of the audience found the panels informative and 50% agreed it got them thinking differently.


  • 86% would go to this type of event again.


'Last night, locked in... - Feature Film

Awards and Highlights

Award Winner - Wan Yuan Teo - Best Supporting Actor

World Film Carnival, Singapore

'Last night, locked in..._SUPPORTING ACTRESS.jpg

Official Selection (Honourable Mention)

LA Neo Noir Festival


Special Award Winner

Only the Best Film Festival, Miami, USA


Available on:



'Last night, locked in...

'Last night, locked in...

Play Video

Waking up locked in, a man searches his memories for clues to the mystery unravelling around him

’Last night, locked in... explores the shifting perceptions of time that developed as a reaction to the 2020-21 lockdowns - the slow distortion between memory and reality.

Academic paper on 'Last night, locked in... available on Screenworks.

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