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Lee, a quick-witted reporter, sets out to write a career-making article on an eccentric inventor, Captain Martin Christensen, and the maiden voyage of his private submarine.  The two set off and, before long, the confined space of the vessel becomes a darkly comic microcosm for the conflicts between gender, tradition and modernity.  Under the radar these extremes play out, but only one of the passengers will make it back to shore.


Under the Radar looks to dissect unconscious bias and misogyny, especially relevant in the #MeToo era. Through a sharp, witty and macabre narrative lens, it examines our cultures and traditions and asks how connected they are to the foundations of prejudice.

After each Wednesday performance there will be a panel of thought leaders discussing topics related to the play:     


1) Gender, privilege, consent and violence     

2) Media ethics: Reporting violence               

3) Creative writing: Narrative and violence

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Under the Radar - Audience Survey

If you have time, we would greatly appreciate you completing a quick survey on the play - Thank you

Under the Radar - The Show




Eleanor Hill as Lee Stilling 


'Hill is striking, beautifully expressive, and has a profound stage presence.' She delivers a first-rate performance... that has you kept on the edge of your seat...' (London Pub Theatres, Broadway World; Theatre, Films, and Art Reviews 2019)

Eleanor Hill is an East 15 graduate. Most recently, she created the all female digital tragicomedy web-series, SadVents  (viewable on instagram @sadventcalendar) about mental health, trauma & heartbreak through the lens of social media and has now been awarded Arts Council funding to turn this series into a one woman show ,which shall debut in London in June. Her theatre credits include Obsolete Tomfoolery 2018 (Etcetera Theatre), The Bacchae 2018 (Corbett Theatre); Her film credits include With you 2018 (London Film Academy) and The Car 2019 (Short Film by Shirley Marshall). 


Nicholas Anscombe as Captain Martin Christensen 

'Believable and truthful throughout', Nicholas 'is able to balance light and shade. His comic timing is effective, but he uses his skills to flick like a switch, and we never know quite what he's going to say or do.'  (Broadway World; London Pub Theatres 2019) ​


Nicholas is an actor, physical performer and puppeteer trained at Rose Bruford College. Most recently Nicholas played a series regular role in the upcoming Netflix series, The Sandman, from Neil Gaiman. 2019-2020 Saw him playing John in Green Carnation Company's production and tour of Kevin Elyot's, My Night With Reg. You can see him both puppeteering and acting on CBeebies, TwirlyWoos. As well as on Sky's, The Third Day. He earned himself a Best Supporting Actor nomination for  his performance in Memory Man (Encounter Films) and he is currently filming several feature films.


Writer and Director - Jonathon Crewe

Dr Jonathon Crewe is an award-winning writer and director for film, theatre and radio, whose work predominantly investigates forms of representation and socio-cultural hierarchies.  His theatre and radio credits include Toy Soldier, Entangled and Tangier. lHis debut feature film, face2face won Best Director at World Distribution Awards, USA and at Alternative Film Festival, Canada). His latest film 'Last night, locked in... filmed during the 20-21 Covid lockdowns won Best Supporting Actor at the World Carnival Awards, Singapore and received an Honorable Mention at the L.A. Neo-Noir Festival, USA. 

Producer - Wan Yuan Teo

Wan Yuan Teo is a suit in disguise, a career marketeer. She has always been fascinated by the creative, whether working on commercial ads or helping to found the radio station at her university. While her first theatre role was as a unremarkable sheep in a remake of Ulysses in her youth, she has recently reignited her passion for the arts, producing her first theatre production, Under the Radar in 2019; followed by an award-winning acting and producing role in 'Last Night Locked In...

Light and Sound Technician - Fintan Davies

Fintan Davies is an experienced lighting and sound technician, passionate and creative about his approach to theatre lighting and sound. He has been doing sound for plays since 2011, having studied Performance Sound at Rose Bruford College and graduated with a first class honours degree.

Sound Design - George Pallister

George is sound designer, who really understands how sound complements and articulates story and helped bring Under the Radar to life. Passionate and technically astute, he also composes and designs sounds for film, television and video games.

Stagehand and 'Legs' - Jaymie Quin-Stewart

Jaymie Quin-Stewart is an actor and graduate from LCM’s BA Acting and Theatre Making course. Her skillset broadened during her time at university where she studied devised theatre, writing, and directing; This is also where she discovered her passion for physical theatre. Jaymie displayed these skills in the devised piece, ‘Lorca in New York’, performed at LCM, where she took on a range of roles all requiring complex lifts and agility.

PR and Social - Yasmine Jobrani

Yasmine Jobrani is a 2021 Advertising and PR graduate from the University of West London. She's passionate about advertising and the creative arts, she also a great photographer, adept at observing and capturing magic moments with her camera.

Writer / Director's Statement

For me as a writer, one of the most exciting things about the play is the setting - in a two berth submarine.  It allowed me to really examine the social and cultural angles of the story and the characters - putting them under a microscope and turning the submarine into a microcosm of modern society.  The intimate setting makes the audience voyeuristic - almost complicit - not knowing whether to be shocked or laugh out loud. And, hopefully, it’s this fine line that sets people off thinking about how this small far away world under the radar might just be similar to their own.  This is the power of theatre I wanted to tap into and, whether people like the play or not, if it gets them talking then I’ve done all I set out to.

Under the Radar - Audience Survey

If you have time, we would greatly appreciate you completing a quick survey on the play - Thank you


Under the Radar - The Panels

Every Wednesday there is an after-show panel with thought-leaders discussing themes from the play (supported by The Culture Capital Exchange and University of West London):


   (1) 16th March - Gender, Power, Consent and Violence

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Marcus Nicholls_edited.jpg

Professor Helen Hester - @HelenHester

Professor of Gender, Technology and Cultural Politics at the University of West London.

Her research interests include technofeminism, social reproduction, and theories of work, and she’s a member of the international working group Laboria Cuboniks. Her books include Beyond Explicit: Pornography and the Displacement of Sex (SUNY Press, 2014), Xenofeminism (Polity, 2018), and After Work: The Fight for Free Time (Verso, 2023, with Nick Srnicek). 

Jessica Leigh - @jesssjleigh

An award winning campaigner, Jess is a keynote speaker and facilitator for Sexual Harassment, aiming to ensure all people are able to understand, prevent and react to Public Sexual Harassment . She works with many different sectors from mental health to participation of young people in services. As a result of her expertise she is a Trainer Consultant at Young Minds as well as the lead trainer for Our Streets Now, a campaign aiming to end Public Sexual Harassment through both cultural and legislative change. Jess uses her own experiences as a LGBTQ+ women and the medium of storytelling to be able to shape policy, lead workshops and has spoken on the likes of BBC News, Sky News, Houses of Parliament and TEDx.

Dr Marcus Nicholls

Marcus Nicholls is the course leader for Media and Communications at the University of West London. His teaching and research interests include adaptation studies, Decadent literature, the work of J.-K. Huysmans, and horror cinema.

(2) 23rd March - Media Ethics: Reporting on Violence

Nina de Ayala Parker.jpg

Nina de Ayala Parker - @NinaParker

Nina’s work is focused on achieving intersectional feminist and climate justice objectives in policy, and law - nationally and globally. Advocating for women’s and ethnic minority rights in every campaign she leads, joins or supports.​ Since 2016, much of Nina’s work has highlighted the administrative and constitutional changes of Brexit and its impact on women, migrants and ethnic minority groups in the United Kingdom. Nina has worked closely with MPs, led on grassroots and national campaigns, and lodged debates in parliament, which can be found in Hansard. ​ In 2020 Nina co-founded an intersectional women's rights organisation entitled Women For Wanawake and produced a Podcast highlighting feminist current affairs available across all podcast platforms: the Feminist Lens. Nina has written extensively on women’s rights, climate justice and ecocide, with pieces in Al Jazeera, Euronews, the Guardian, the New European and other global online publications. Nina is also currently studying a law masters in London.

Dr Sumaya Alnahed is an academic and researcher based at the University of West London, where she teaches Journalism. She is particularly interested in how news media frame socio-political issues and events, and her work includes analysis of protest movements and social change, and representations of diversity and inclusion in the media. 

Garin Dowd portrait photo.jpg

Garin Dowd is Professor of Film, Literature and Media at University of West London where he is course leader for English. His main research interests are in the areas of literature and philosophy, the work of Samuel Beckett and philosophy and cinema. 

(3) 30th March - Creative Writing, Narrative and Violence


Professor Jeremy Strong

Professor of Literature and Film at the University of West London.

He serves on the editorial board of Adaptation and other journals. Widely published on adaptation, he also writes about food, culture, books, and movies. His books include James Bond Uncovered (2018), Educated Tastes: Food, Drink and Connoisseur Culture (2011) and the novel Mean Business (2013). He is currently working on his podcast series The Joy of Guests.


Dr Sarah Grochala

Playwright and academic. She is Senior Lecturer, Writing for Theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Her books include The Contemporary Political Play and The Theatre of Rupert Goold. She has also written on the representation of violence against women on the British stage for the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to British Playwriting Since 1945. Her plays include S-27. She regularly writes audio episodes of Dr Who and The Avengers for Big Finish

Jonathon Crewe.jpg

Dr Jonathon Crewe

Writer and director for film, theatre and radio, whose work predominantly investigates forms of representation and socio-cultural hierarchies.  His debut feature film, face2face, won him Best Director at both World Distribution Awards, USA and Alternative Film Festival, Canada. His latest film 'Last night, locked in... is an homage to neo-noir filmed during the 20-21 Covid lockdowns. It won Best Supporting Actor at the World Carnival Awards, Singapore and an Honorable Mention at the L.A. Neo-Noir Festival, USA.


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The Panellists

Maisie Payne

Andre Cazley

The Old Red Lion Team

The Cast and Crew 

Under the Radar - Audience Survey

If you have time, we would greatly appreciate you completing a quick survey on the play - Thank you

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